Awards 2019

Awards 2019

Awards 2020: 2 start-ups will be awarded during Venture 5i 2020.

Awards 2019: The « 5i – Jean-Michel Lamure Trophy» was awarded in 2019 to Cogito Instruments. Also recognized were: Tihive and Demeta.

In 2019, an award was also given, by the participants of the Forum 5i to WhaTTfornow.


  • since the creation of Forum 5i in 1998, 353 projects have been presented to investors
  • 216 companies formed as a result of these projects are still in business and have developed, generating more than 3 700 jobs
  • more than 1 billion euros have been raised by ~ 131 start-ups located in the Alpine area

All of these projects were accompanied by local innovation actors (Linksium, Pulsalys, bpifrance, CEA, CCI Grenoble …) and other Forum 5i partners whose expertise is a key factor in the success of this event.